Bullrider The Movie
Full Name Lynn "Jonnie" Jonckowski
Born Fargo, North Dakota
Hometown Billings, Montana
Achievements Inductee, National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum -1991
  Two-time World Bull Riding champion, Professional Women's Rodeo Association 1986-1988
  Named Women of the 80's by CNN
  Qualified for Olympic trials in the Pentathlon (5 track and field events) 1976
  First woman to compete in the Men's World Bull Riding Championships in 1992 in Scottsdale, AZ
  Competed in the Men's World Bull Riding Championships again in 1993
  Belonged to¬† the Professional Women's Rodeo Association from 1976-2000
  Qualified for the Women's World finals in Bull Riding 14 times
  Bull Riding director for the PWRA
Television Charlie Rose, Maury Povich, David Letterman, Attitudes on Lifetime network, Bill Cosby, Hard Copy, Street Stories, 48 Hours CBS, COWGIRLS documentary BBC
Periodicals New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic, People Magazine, Self, Muscle Fitness, Women's Sports, Marquis Who's Who in America
Community Works President and founder of Angel Horses a not for profit organization that uses rescued horses from slaughter and uses them to provide therapy for our youth and seniors.
Activities Equestrian Show Jumping
Cross-Country Skiing
  Cowgirl Hall of Fame Induction
  I don't know why I would have thought that my Hall of Fame induction would be conventional, as nothing in my life has been to that point!

I tried out and made American Gladiators, a T.V. action game show that was to tape my episodes the same time I was to be inducted into the Hall in Texas. Samuel Goldwyn's team tried every way they knew to change the schedule allowing me time to fly from Los Angeles to the induction, but no solution could be found.

I ended up calling a dear friend in Nashville. She drove to Texas to stand in for me and accept my plaque. Then, she kindly continued on to California so that it could be presented to me in person. I did want to make it personal, so I sat at a table in the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City and composed my thoughts on this event in a poem. As I sat quietly the words came easily, as they were what I had known all along.

"Am I A Cowgirl?"
I've wondered with this honor as I reminisce about my heroes
From Calamity Jane, Tad Lucas, Alice Greenough and others,
Am I really a Cowgirl?
If you have to wear a cowboy hat, jeans, boots at the dawn of
Every morning,
Then I'm not.
If it's love of robins singing in the morning, Rocky Mountains
In the distance and feeding my livestock before myself,
Then I am.
If it is saddling up with the intention of swinging a rope,
branding doggies and vaccinating calves,
Then I'm not.
If it's love of watching a beautiful horse on the end of a lunge line
Kicking up dust and turning into a moving silhouette
In the evening sun,
Then I am.
If it's lying on a cold cement floor of a barn during a late spring storm and blowing life into a calf born to a dying mother, then I'm not , but not because I wouldn't;
I never had the chance.
If it is finding peace in your animals, trust in your friends, stubborn to your beliefs and finding comfort in your way,
Then I am.
If it's believing that we have one God, that all the cowgirls who've gone before me are and have been my sisters,
Then I am.
I've followed in their footsteps, maybe wearing a different hat, maybe wearing different boots, but love I like my way; I wouldn't change a single day-
I am a Cowgirl.
With much love to my parents, family, friends- Thank you
Lynn " Jonnie " Jonckowski
Hall of Fame Inductee 1991
  I sent it Fed Ex to get there in time and it arrived just as they were showing my life in pictures to the gallery of folks gathered. She read my poem, received my plaque and headed to Gladiator Arena, where I was called to the center of the arena, and not knowing what was about to happen, Larry Csonka, #39 of the Miami Dolphins and a Football Hall of Fame inductee, awarded me my plaque and a signed football that read "To Jonnie- the prettiest Hall Of Famer I know- Larry Csonka #39." How cool was that!

Later I was on the Cunard Cruise ship, THE COUNTESS, with a bunch of Brits on a western theme cruise giving a speech on Cowgirls and Bull Riding. And, somewhere between St. Maarten and St. Lucia, my picture presentation began to roll on screen. I was totally confused as I had nothing to do with preparing it and thus out of the loop. The staff had been guided by my friend from N.Y. who owns the Cowgirl BBQ restaurant.

The presentation began to roll and so did the tears. I had not known how much I missed that fine day in Texas until I was able to share the moment with a room full of strangers, who immediately stood and cheered and applauded, as they too realized what this moment had meant to me.

1991- A year I will never forget, and an induction that took ten months to complete!