Bullrider The Movie
  This award-winning screenplay by Malissa Daniel is the story of Jonnie's rise from backwoods Montana to twice World Champion Bullrider. It is polished and ready.

"BULLRIDER is an enthralling script. It is skillfully crafted, with plot and characters so expertly woven, it gave me white knuckles from beginning to end! It it is essentially an American story of a girl who refuses to cheat—except death—and in the end, that's what makes her resounding victory all the sweeter. Malissa Daniel has created a script with well-defined dialogue that rings true to character. She masterfully constructs a symbolism of exploration and discovery of the deepest human frailties, which ultimately gives us a greater belief in ourselves and in tomorrow."
- Maria Florio, Earthworks Films, Academy Award-winning Producer

"Ms. Daniel has written a fresh, sassy script that takes us deep into a world rarely seen on film - that of badass, bull-riding cowgirls. It is sexy, thrilling, uncharted territory, where classic "cowboys" are at last matched - not by skirt-wearing damsels in distress, but by strong, powerful women in chaps, who can hold their own and then some. The story of Jonnie's insatiable need to "achieve" and the lengths to which she will go to feel like she's "succeeded" is rendered with raw, moving honesty that will haunt the viewer long after the movie is over. It is a story that asks us to consider what makes a life "valuable" and "worthwhile." Daniel's lyrical, poetic style, matched with her perfect ear for down-home dialogue, makes this a truly memorable read."
- Craig Kellem, Hollywood Script.com

"BULLRIDER is a dynamic screenplay about a champion female bullrider who thrives in a world that would make your blood run cold—riding one-and-a half ton killer bulls in "the most dangerous six seconds in sports." It explores the grey area where life and death literally hang over every move you make, and it's all done by a fearless woman protagonist who will take you on the ride of your life. Malissa Daniel has done a terrific job with this script."
- Jeff Kitchen, Author, Writing a Great Movie

We are actively seeking a director, producing team and cast and to bring this wildly entertaining true life story to the screen. Historically, the rodeo is a worker's arena where real, decent folk of the west performed for each other in a style that celebrated their expertise with bravado and as much a risk to life and limb a wholesome venue can provide. Jonnie Jonckowski is an unlikely candidate for today's rodeo, but was a perfect fit oddly enough. From the age of six she set her sights on an Olympic Gold medal, (it was a no-go disaster that ended badly when she injured her back competing in a pre-trial heat.) She picked herself up and found herself perfectly wedded to rodeo's "no way you can fake it" realm of authentic competition. And, mind you, riding a bull is the peak experience of rodeo's wildest and most dangerous athletic feat. "When the bull is competing with you—you've got two athletes in the arena." Only a bullrider knows what that means—and only the magic of film can deliver that event.

- Only filmmakers with a taste for danger need apply!

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