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Angel Horses

Giving horses, kids
and 'kids at heart'
a second chance.

Jonnie Jonckowski

  Angel Horses is a unique human service organization that provides positive physical and emotional stimulus to our senior community (with special attention to those afflicted with Alzheimer's), at-risk youth, special needs children and individuals and families affected by cancer, through the use of rescued animals such as horses, donkeys, dogs and cats in a therapeutic environment. The services that Angel Horses offers fill a void that other organizations and therapeutic riding groups in the area do not.

Jonnie JonckowskiHorses used in the program are rescues. Some have been neglected and abused; others have grown too old to serve the way they used to and so they become disposable. These horses deserve better. Angel Horses gives these horses a second chance at life by giving them a loving home and a job!

The same has happened to our senior community. They have reached an age where society says they are no longer productive or are at risk of endangering themselves when left alone and perhaps endangering others as well. They are now confined to a facility that provides safety but no stimulus and social activities like what many of them left behind. There is no chance to hold a cat, pet a dog or a horse like they used to. Most facilities where they reside do not accommodate or offer access to such.

Jonnie JonckowskiAngel Horses provides an atmosphere and an experience that fosters trust, love, responsibility, builds self worth and self esteem while having FUN!

Angel Horses offers an intimate experience with a personal touch. We are a therapeutic environment, quaint and serene, trees and foliage, western decor, fresh air, blue skies with a fabulous view of the surrounding rim rocks, mountains and rolling hills. The trickling sound of the water features, the heat of a gas fire pit and toasted marshmallows, so put up your feet and stay a while!

Jonnie JonckowskiAll sessions are private, either an individual or a group. Angel Horses can also bring some of the horses and donkeys to certain other locations.

Fees are based on the needs and the number of people participating. Financial assistance may be available through some local agencies.

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams you dare to dream, really do come true ... Angel Horses.

For further information and volunteer opportunities call 406-670-9103 or email jjsangelhorses@msn.com.

Jonnie Jonckowski
You may send your donations to:
Angel Horses, Inc.
P.O. B0x 20797
Billings, MT 59104
email: jjsangelhorses@msn.com
Angel Horses is a 501 (c) 3 organization